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GovCMS hosting plans cover a range of costs from establishment to ongoing operation, maintenance and enhancements.

All SaaS sites:

  • get comprehensive web protection services including DDoS protection, and web application firewall, and a content delivery cache included at no additional cost.
  • are charged a setup fee for the first year of a subscription
  • must use an officially support GovCMS Drupal distribution
  • get security updates and patches managed by the Department of Finance.

SaaS plans

Table: Costs of SaaS hosting on GovCMS

Plan Monthly pageviews Yearly fee Setup fee
Nano Up to 5,000 $7,000 $750
Micro 5,001 to 15,000 $14,000 $2,500
Mini 50,000 $28,000 $2,500
Xtra-Small 100,000 $35,000 $2,500
Small 175,000 $42,000 $2,500
Medium 350,000 $49,000 $2,500
Large 800,000 $70,000 $2,500
Xtra-Large 1.5 million $100,000 $2,500
Mega* 3 million $175,000 $2,500
Giga* 5 million $275,000 $2,500

PaaS plans

We don't advertise PaaS pricing, each subscription is tailored to the specific needs of the project. You'll get a custom proposal.

Your choices include the size of the infrastructure and the bandwidth capacity you need, plus options for service desk, application and infrastructure support.

Development projects - build your new site right on the platform


Plan Monthly pageviews Monthly fee Setup fee
1 to 3 months 20,000 $1,000 $0
4+ months 20,000 $750 $0

The fine print

All SaaS and PaaS hosting plans are charged 12-months in advance, if you add optional extras or upgrade your plan during the subscription period, hosting fees and charges will be prorated to the end date of your current subscription.

Hosting charges for new sites built on the platform using a development subscription start from the day the site first becomes available to the general public using a production domain name. This involves switching off the site shield which prevents users from viewing a site without using a password.

Hosting charges for new sites built off the platform apply from the date of forklift (the date the site is installed into the GovCMS environment), regardless of how long it then takes the site to become live to the public using a production domain name.

Development projects include access to dev, test and staging environments, and are billed on a monthly basis. Only full month charges apply, there is no prorating for part-months. A minimum 1 month agreement applies, up to a maximum of 12 months. Plans are charged in advance for the agreed period. Subscriptions can be extended on a monthly basis as needed. Additional invoices will be sent as required.

Development subscriptions cannot be used for production websites. A production domain name (URL) will not be configured for a project until the final stage of the launch preparation checklist is being completed. Development project domain names are set and managed by the GovCMS platform. An agency can choose the name of the project, which becomes a subdomain of the platform URL.

All sites (including dev projects) must use https encryption - the cost of security certificates is included in the hosting fees.