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Manage your subscription

MOU's, subscriptions and renewals

Your MOU with Finance

  • Only needs to be signed once - unless Finance is updating the MOU for all existing customers

    We are updating the MOU at the start of 2019 - more information will be provided to agencies when the draft is ready for feedback

  • You can have multiple subscriptions under the same MOU
    • Each subscription can be managed and billed to a central point in your agency - or you can choose to have different invoices for different sites
    • You can add and remove subscriptions throughout the year - we typically prorate the end date of subscriptions to the same date for each agency, but this is optional, you can use different dates for each site if you want to

SaaS Subscriptions

  • Each site is on it's own subscription
  • You buy the size plan needed for the site - every plan has a maximum pageviews per month allocated to it
  • You can add additional storage or developer licences, but for most agencies the allocation included in the basic plan should cover most needs
  • Your site will automatically scale to handle bursts in traffic - we will only upgrade your plan if the burst becomes a sustained and continuoys increase in traffic rto your site
  • Include the full web protection service, backup, long term retention, and IRAP assessment at no additional cost

PaaS Subscriptions

  • You buy a combination of hardware and you can add additional projects where needed
  • You can setup sites on separate projects, or run your site in multi-site mode
  • We use pageviews per month as a guide to help size the hardware, but you're only limited by the total load on your environment
  • You can additional storage or developer licences
  • Your site will automatically scale to handle bursts in traffic - up to a set maximum - then your hardware will upsize and you will incur additional costs
  • PaaS subscriptions don't include the web protection service by default - this is an additional cost - you can buy it through GovCMS, or do your own procurement and provision your own tools
  • PaaS subscriptions only include short-term backup by default - you can opt in to long-term backup and retention
  • You can leverage the IRAP assessment already competed by Finance, but you are responsible for ensuring you do your own assessment of the application layer (Drupal, any community modules, custom code), and you're responsible for managing appropriate processes for things like change management and user access control


  • A month or two before your subscription expires we will be in touch to confirm your ongoing subscription - we will send you a proposal outlining how your plan is setup, what options you've selected, and what the total cost is
  • You need to accept each renewal (usually email will suffice) and complete any relevant financial approvals required by your agency - we wont process your order without evidence you have everything approved on your side first
  • If you need to make changes, we will reissue a proposal with the updated details and costs
  • If there are no changes to your subscription, there's nothing you need to do other than arrange to pay the invoice

Tell us if

  • there are staff changes and different people are looking after your website
  • you need to add users to the GovCMS Service Desk, the platform dashboard, or the project repository
  • youre planning a big redesign or a relaunch
  • you want to do some pen testing
  • your site is affected by a machinery of government change

If in doubt raise a service desk ticket.