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GovCMS Service Desk

Service Desk Hours

GovCMS Service Desk hours are 8:00am - 8:00pm AEST Monday to Friday
(excluding public holidays in Victoria only).

If you detect or suspect an incident, threat or weakness relating to your website/s hosted on GovCMS, report it to the GovCMS Service Desk as soon as possible. We will investigate the issue and work with you to understand the cause and to agree what response is needed.

The GovCMS Support team will develop a fix or a workaround for any issue raised in the most expedient manner reasonably possible, and will work continuously on all critical issues until they're resolved.

We recognise that sometimes you may encounter critical problems that require a higher level of communication and interaction, and sometimes the priority of an issue can change.

The GovCMS Service Desk is managed by Salsa Digital who is the official service provider for GovCMS hosting and related programme services.
Support commences from the date of signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Department of Finance and the government agency wanting to use GovCMS for hosting their websites. The process for signing the MOU is managed by the GovCMS team at Finance.