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GovCMS community

As the central hub for GovCMS-related discussion and collaboration, the GovCMS community is open to all.

Current and prospective customers, service providers and broader IT communities can find support and advice based on experiences.

Join the GovCMS community

Early in 2019 the GovCMS community will start to use GovTEAMS.

  • Commonwealth Government employees (excluding Government Business Enterprise employees) can register for a GovTEAMS account and will then become Full-access Members (Members)

  • If you are not a Commonwealth Government employee (e.g. State/Local Government employees), you will need to be invited to join a community as a Guest user. As a Guest, you will only have access to the community that you have been invited to join.

If you're already using other GovTEAMS communities, head on over to the GovCMS community on GovTEAMS, its open to all. Join the community and say hello.

GitHub repository

The GitHub repository is where interested parties can contribute to the GovCMS distribution.

GovCMS customers can also use the repository to report issues, bugs and pull requests.

Visit the GitHub repository