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Security incidents

What could a security incident look like?

Security incidents can take my forms, for example:

  • a data spill (sensitive or classified information inadvertently published)
  • if you think someone has used your account
  • unauthorised access to, or defacement of a website or
  • other suspicious activity.

What you need to do first

If you detect or suspect an incident, threat or weakness relating to your website/s hosted on GovCMS, report it to the GovCMS Service Desk as soon as possible.

What GovCMS will do

We will investigate the issue and work with you to understand the cause and to agree what response is needed.

What happens next

Depending on the nature of the incident you may be required to report it to your agency security team, to the Cyber Security Centre, and in the case of breaches of privacy to any affected users of your website.