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Escalate an issue priority

We understand priorities can change

The GovCMS Support team will develop a fix or a workaround for any issue raised in the most expedient manner reasonably possible, and will work continuously on all critical issues until they're resolved.

We recognise that sometimes you may encounter critical problems that require a higher level of communication and interaction, and sometimes the priority of an issue can change.

If you're not satisfied with progress

If you're not satisfied with the current plan of action for an active issue, or the business impact of an issue has increased you can escalate the issue by updating the ticket details on the service desk. You may also request to review the matter with the Service Desk Manager.

The escalation process

The following actions take place when you escalate an issue:

  1. The Salsa Digital Service Desk Manager is notified of the situation as a first level of escalation.
  2. A review of your business needs and technical case is conducted and an action plan is formulated with the goal of resolving your issue as quickly as possible.
  3. Communication of the action plan is discussed with the agency, including deliverables and, if appropriate, timelines.
  4. If the communication is not acceptable, the agency may request to escalate the issue further:
    • The Service Desk Manager escalates to the Salsa Digital Programme Manager who may discuss the issue with the GovCMS Service Manager (Department of Finance)
    • The GovCMS Service Manager may escalates to Programme Leadership team (Department of Finance and Salsa Digital)
    • If the issue needs to be escalated further, the GovCMS team at Finance will brief relevant SES officers from Finance and the customer agency

If an issue is critical, or become a critical business impact

All cases that are submitted as ‘Critical’ are copied to the Salsa Digital Service Desk Manager and the GovCMS Service Manager. This helps ensure that these situations receive management attention immediately.