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About the GovCMS Service Desk

Accessing GovCMS support

Support commences from the date of signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Department of Finance and the government agency wanting to use GovCMS for hosting their websites. The process for signing the MOU is managed by the GovCMS team at Finance.

Steps need to be completed before an agency can access services, for example an agency needs to provide the names and contact details of authorised staff who are allowed to raise and view service desk tickets.

The GovCMS Service Desk is managed by Salsa Digital who is the official service provider for GovCMS hosting and related programme services.

Salsa Digital provides the following services

  • Help desk

    • Agencies with SaaS subscriptions for GovCMS hosting can submit an unlimited number of support requests or tickets.
    • A PaaS subscription entitles an agency to submit tickets for Drupal application support. Tickets can include any questions related to Drupal modules, custom code/configuration, and third party services. The number of tickets you can raise is set by the subscription level purchased.
    • All GovCMS customers get 24x7 support for critical infrastructure issues, with a maximum 60-minute initial response time.
    • Salsa Digital manages the service desk - this is a dedicated tool just for GovCMS customers.
  • Advisory support

    • Agencies can talk to Salsa Digital and get advice on best practices for generic topics including security, migration, performance tuning, module development and Drupal site architecture.
    • Advisory support is limited to existing knowledge that can be transferred during a discussion in a meeting or a teleconference call, or by follow-up email.
    • Where applicable, advisory support may include Salsa Digital providing access to existing documentation.
    • Site-specific research, implementation/installation activities, and/or creation of any new deliverable(s) are out of scope for advisory support.
    • Contact the GovCMS team at Finance to access advisory support.

What's excluded from GovCMS support

The service desk doesn't provide support relating to professional services such as investigation or discovery, design and development or maintenance of websites. If a government agency is interested in working with Salsa Digital to build, enhance, or maintain their site, there are various procurement channels available.

Contact the GovCMS team at Finance for more information.