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Software and tools needed during development

GovCMS Project space - 

The GovCMS Project space uses a version of GitLab hosted on the platform. GitLab is an open source repository manager with issue management, version control, code review, monitoring and auditing and deployment tools.

The GovCMS Project space automates the merging of changes and updates to code and starts the process to deploy those changes into the various environments, including production. This is where the files that make up the theme of your site (controlling what your site looks like) are stored.

The GovCMS Project space will be used to manage the release and patching of GovCMS Distributions (both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8). It allows control of releases by creating on-demand test environments for agencies to test upcoming features and releases. On the SaaS platform it enables the GovCMS team to push critical security updates and patches to production, immediately if updates are critical. For PaaS hosting, customers can take advantage of up-stream updates, then complete their own testing before releasing code to production.

GovCMS Platform Dashboard -

The Platform Dashboard is a set of tools that allows you to view the status of your GovCMS websites. Using the Admin UI you will be able to review site information, and details of your projects.

User accounts needed

When you sign up to GovCMS (or when sites migrate to the new hosting platform), you will  be asked to nominate which users in your agency need access to manage the code and theme of your site, and which users manage your site. This will usually be your developers, and any site owners. You can also nominate a third-party service provider.

New users can be added at any time, just raise a service desk ticket.

The same login is used for the GovCMS Project Space and the Platform Dashboard.

Software tools for developers

Agencies using GovCMS are not required to maintain an internal dev, test or production system. When developing a new site, or making a significant change to an existing site, you may want to set a local development environment on a developer workstation or laptop.

The following tools are needed on local developer environments:

  • Docker - this runs containers on your dev environment with GovCMS pre-installed
  • Pygmy - a multi purpose Docker helper
  • Ahoy - a development workflow helper that reduces the complexity of commands you need to use during development

It doesn't matter if your site will be Drupal 7, Drupal 8, SaaS, or PaaS. The tools you need during development are exactly the same.