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Different ways to resource your project

Whether you're migrating an existing site or creating a new one, you may need assistance. Additional professional services include identifying business and technical requirements, help with content migration and complete redesign, development and implementation.

The GovCMS plans you sign up for includes website hosting and management of the software and platform (or just the platform if you have a PaaS plan). You should also be considering things like how you intend to create and maintain your new website; and how you intend to migrate existing content.

You must buy a GovCMS hosting plan directly from the Department of Finance, but you may need extra help to redevelop or migrate your website. You are not required to use the GovCMS service provider for the additional services. GovCMS hosting plans don't cover the costs of building, modifying or migrating your website.

You can choose one of the following options to get work done:

  1. Some agencies have internal resources who can do this work, often supplemented by contractors and other experts
  2. You can engage another agency, including the Department of Finance, to build and migrate their site (costs will vary)
  3. You can choose a suppler from the Drupal Services Panel, or the DTA Digital Marketplace
  4. You can approach the market directly, seeking quotes or tender responses, and choose a supplier- just be sure to follow the relevant procurement rules

It is up to each agency to assess if services being offered, and contract costs associated with their delivery meets your requirements and offers value for money.

What next?

Ready to sign up? Get in touch and we will help you all the way through, from MOU to launch and beyond.

If you're going to be migrating to GovCMS, you need to sort out your hosting plan. Contact us early, we can give you advice on your hosting options, the differences between SaaS and PaaS (and which may be right for you), and we will prepare a quote so you know what your ongoing costs will be.

Build your new site right on the hosting platform. This option simplifies the process to launch your site. You can use an existing GovCMS site as a template to jump start your project. Talk to us early about setting up your hosting plan.

There are 20 suppliers on the Drupal Services Panel. Issue an RFQ, choose a supplier, get your contract approved and your project is up and running.

Responsive Design

Agencies using GovCMS are not required to maintain an internal dev, test or production system. When developing a new site, or making a significant change to an existing site, you may want to set a local development environment on a developer workstation or laptop.

Is your site ready to launch?